Connor grew up in New England outside Boston MA.  He spent his summers in the woods of northern Maine where he found white water kayaking and a love for action sports.  Rose to a professional kayaker, traveling, filming, & competing as well as accruing many sponsors such as GoPro & Spy Optics.  Amidst this time he also taught white water kayaking and lead trips for 8 years and later taught rock climbing.

Attended college in New Hampshire Majoring in Graphic Design with a triple minor in Film, History, & Art History.  Upon Graduation he packed his car and drove cross country to Los Angeles where he attended school for cinematography studying under such cinematographers as; the late Vilmos Zsigmond ASC, Seamus McGarvey ASC, Yuri Neyman ASC, Dave Stump ASC & many more.

Connor currently works in film as a cinematographer & camera operator and is a member of the International Cinematographers Guild.  He also constantly works on numerous personal projects in documentary photography including his current project, a book titled “Human”  which juxtaposes different cultures while drawing strong parallels throughout.

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